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Holyoke: Breakfast in the Classroom Success

May 25, 2017 / Success Stories

Nine schools in Holyoke participate in Breakfast in the Classroom. This year, eight of those schools won the Healthy Start Award for regularly achieving more than 80% participation. Because of the hard work of the educators in Holyoke, nearly 4,000 students now eat breakfast every school day.


Holyoke“The transition to Breakfast in the Classroom across our District (9 schools) has been most successful in Holyoke. We have seen participation rates increase by 18% as more students are taking advantage of eating a healthy and well balanced meal to kickoff their day of learning. Additionally, staff and students have commented on the increased opportunity to build classroom community, foster positive relationships and launch the day in a more nurturing and calm manner.” – Dr. Stephen Zrike, Superintendent, Holyoke Public Schools

Holyoke“Having breakfast in the classroom across all grades K-8 has created an opportunity for students and staff to build personal relationships as well as build a community culture within the classroom. It has brought a calm to each morning and has been extremely successful!” – Jackie Glasheen, Principal, Dr. Marcella R. Kelly Full Service Community School

On May 18, Representative Vega was joined by the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, The Greater Boston Food Bank and Project Bread to observe breakfast in the classroom at the Kelly School in Holyoke, MA. Dr. Stephen Zrike and Principal Jackie Glasheen graciously led a tour of the school and facilitated a conversation about the success of the program with Holyoke’s Dining Services team, including Director of Dining Services, Richard Leso.

Students can eat their breakfast in the classroom at the Kelly School.

Keri Pinard, Chef Manager, and Richard Leso, Director of Dining Services, Holyoke Public Schools

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